Coffee County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many hardworking people in middle Tennessee find themselves suffering from creditor harassment, wage garnishment or facing many of the other tactics that creditors use to recover money from a debt. The loss of a job, decreased hours, a divorce and a medical emergency are all sources of financial strain.

Filing for bankruptcy has many benefits for individuals who are struggling under a mountain of debt. In addition to providing access to a fresh financial start, filing for bankruptcy will stop creditors from sending letters and making harassing collection calls. An automatic stay requires creditors to stop collecting on a debt when a petition is filed with the bankruptcy court.

Get Effective Debt Relief With The Help Of A Skilled Coffee County Attorney

At the McMinnville and Tullahoma offices of Cathy G. Conley, Attorney at Law, we understand that unmanageable debt creates stress. Court hearings and working with a lawyer are often intimidating experiences. However, you do not have to struggle through another day without learning your debt relief options under the Bankruptcy Code. When you schedule a confidential evaluation with Cathy G. Conley, Attorney at Law, we will review your entire financial picture and explain if bankruptcy relief is right for you.

Our law firm has been providing skilled guidance through the bankruptcy process for clients in middle Tennessee for more than 25 years. We have a detailed understanding of the qualifications and requirements associated with filing for bankruptcy. We will explain your legal options so you can make informed decisions on how to move forward with confidence.

Is Chapter 7 Right For You?

The most straightforward form of personal bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Many individuals fear that they will lose everything they own in this type of debt relief. The truth of the matter is that most people who qualify for Chapter 7 do not have to give up their property. We will review your individual situation and provide clear guidance on your options.

Learn What Chapter 13 Can Do For You

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an effective debt relief option for individuals and couples who have a steady income. In a Chapter 13 proceeding, many people are able to protect assets that exceed the exemptions available in Tennessee. A homeowner may be able to avoid foreclosure by making up past-due mortgage payments through a Chapter 13 payment plan.

Our deep knowledge of the bankruptcy process also allows us to assist creditors in filing claims in bankruptcy cases.

Meet With A Skilled Attorney To Discuss Your Debt Relief Options

To learn more about what bankruptcy can and cannot do, call 931-841-9918 or contact Cathy G. Conley, Attorney at Law, online. We offer affordable legal services and all communications are confidential.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.