Social Security is one of the most relied upon insurance programs in the history of the U.S. government, providing support in various forms to more than 60 million people in 2011 alone. As a Coffee County Social Security attorney for more than 25 years, Cathy Grady Conley has helped thousands of people obtain Social Security and disability benefits.

Although Social Security, as we know it today, arrived in 1935, it has a much earlier origin in American history. In fact, in early 1776, even before the Declaration of Independence was signed, the first national pension program was passed for soldiers. And immediately following the Civil War, the U.S. population experienced the highest proportion of disabled, or survivors of deceased wage earners than any time in our history. This led to the development of a pension program with many similarities to our current Social Security system.

Social Security Benefits - You've Earned It

In order to ensure the social welfare of its citizens, the U.S. government established a system for raising the necessary revenue to provide economic security to the elderly, disabled and survivors of deceased individuals. Currently this program is known as Social Security with ever-changing rules and regulations regarding who can qualify and how to apply for benefits.

Tullahoma Disability Benefits Attorney

Filing Social Security claims can be complicated and confusing for some. If you have been denied a claim and are unsure what steps you can take, an experienced lawyer can perform a thorough review of your claim and determine where something may have been missed or an error was made. With over 25 years of helping middle Tennessee residents with their Social Security issues, Cathy has the experience needed to effectively handle even complex claims and file any necessary appeals.

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